Tuesday, June 17, 2008

News regarding "Animate a Face"

Back in August of 2004, Anzovin Studio began selling "Animate a Face," a dual-CDROM set of facial animation video tutorials that I'd produced in partnership with them. Part of our agreement was that if they decided to stop selling it, they would turn all rights back over to me. Sounded like a good deal, so I agreed.

Fast-forward to the end of May, 2008, when I received a note from Anzovin Studio that they were going to cease sales of all their Animation:Master tutorials and plugins. I've since received the final paperwork returning all rights for "Animate a Face" back to me, plus the few remaining units they had in stock. Looking back at the sales records I'd kept for my own purposes, it has sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 copies in nearly four years. Not stellar by any stretch, but not too bad, either.

I've been debating whether or not to open my own online store to sell the stuff, but sales through the Anzovin store had already dropped very low, so it probably wouldn't do much. It's more likely that I'll just sell the remaining units at a bargain price and let it go, although I did find an interesting site today that would make it easy for folks to grab a copy whenever they want, and I wouldn't have to worry about keeping stock or anything like that. Anyway, keep an eye here and on my main site for the final decision, which will probably come down in the next few weeks.