Thursday, April 30, 2009

Short Story: The Cobweb

A little over a month ago, I took a day off to just relax and unwind. Somewhere in the middle of the day, the voiceover bug jumped up and bit me, and before I knew it I was perusing the available projects in the Librivox forum in search of something short to record.

It wasn't long before I located a thread for a collaborative production of Beasts and Super-Beasts. I'd been searching for material to use as practice for narrative voiceover work, and one of the unclaimed short stories in this collection caught my attention. After receiving word from the project coordinator that I could claim the requested story, I dove in. An hour later I uploaded the finished piece, which I present for your listening pleasure:

There are things that I could have done better, but all in all, I'm very happy with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Twitter me this...

I've semi-recently become a Twitter semi-junkie. As part of this semi-new-found addiction, I've added a Twitter gadget to the blog sidebar. Happy to hook up with other animators, developers, etc. However, be warned: I do weed my follower list from time to time, blocking users who (for lack of a better phrase) creep me out. If your creep quotient is low, you'll likely stay. :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Totally awesome!

ThinkGeek always comes out with the best products. Especially at this time of year. :)