Thursday, March 04, 2010


If you don't know what "FWIW" means, you're probably not alone. At least one of the animators at Reel FX didn't know what it meant until yesterday. I used that acronym (which, BTW, means "For what it's worth") in a reply to a post he'd sent to the animation crew, and he responded with a puzzled look....well, a puzzled-looking email. After I explained it, one of the other guys chimed in with, "OTWTM IWLT" (later translating it into "Oh that's what that means. I was lost, too"). That, in turn, spawned numerous other comedic replies.

The last reply in the thread used selected letters from the original guy's name as a fake acronym, and that was the spark that led me to create the list below. It contains the name of every animator (and one non-animator) at Reel FX, but the names are all printed "long-form", as if the name were actually an acronym for something else. As you can see, I had way too much fun (and probably took more time than I should have) trying to figure out what that "something else" could be for each one. In most cases, I wasn't aiming for anything specific, though a few passages do contain items relating to actual qualities/traits about the associated individual.

While I figured everyone would get a kick out of the list, I wasn't prepared for the replies from the group. Almost immediately, people started replying in the same pseudo-acronym "code", taking their real message and expanding it out to a bunch of nonsense words and phrases. The exchange was so funny (IMO) that I asked for permission from the group to share their replies here as well. You find them below the main list. The scary thing is that some of them actually make sense outside of their fake acronym-ity.



David almost veered into dedicated luchadors, inflating Steve's big ego.

Kent enjoys new tomatoes, and leaves fifteen rabbits eating dessert.

Randy accidentally nudged Doug, yet handily applied yams evenly spaced.

Joe oversaw every jump, only hitting Nelson six times over nothing.

Justin upset Steve's tray, inverting nine bottles and royally ruining Ernesto's tea time.

Ray acquired yonder cheese? Huzzah! Always so excellent.

Bryan rode yaks, and nearly exceeded Nelson's greatest ride. Almost, man.

Ken's egrets never hike up long inclines near goats.

Ernesto races Nigerian elk, skillfully taking over better opportunities to teach gerbils English. Really!

Doug ousted underpaid garment labelers after sprinting liberally in Texan ostrich skins

Monica owns no ice cream, although avocados sometimes tempt one nibble.

Ben: excellent ninja, jumping all mountains instantly. No, really! Obviously superior athletic limbs easily scale.

Trevor recovers emeralds, vanquishing outrageous rhinos, yammering ocelots, unbelievably nefarious giraffes.

John obviously has nifty beats, excellent rapping rhymes, yo.

Steve takes elephants Venetian eggplant nuggets in chocolate hollow orbs, like so.

Michael intercepts camouflaged hairpieces, and even liberates hidden oranges lurking languidly amid nectarines during evening rituals.

Tim is mysterious, like a nondescript nugget of nougat

Abraham breaks reclusive armchairs, hammering at manifold armoires. "Give up! I like applied radiology!"

Sean, earnestly anticipating new encounters, recently made effervescent yogurt

Eric rips into chocolate deposits ravenously, overtly bypassing internal lemon essence

Dave avoids vicious emus, vivaciously applying liberal linguistics on next email

Tom overcooks meringue dishes and neatly engineers neckties.

Josh? Oh, snap! He creates awesomely rigged eyes. Yeah!

Nelson elevates limp sombreros over nineteen blazing rings on Wednesday nights.



Why are Steve and Nelson listed so frequently?
- Kent

Pure randomness. If someone's name came to mind at a certain point, and it fit the flow of the text, I used it.
- Me

So he understands the underlying problems, knowingly entertaining nobody today
- John

Has anyone had a half a** hamburger accident?
- Joe

Like old Lenny?
- John

Now I can eat
- Joe

Winning eliminates lame losers. People like all your excessive domination!
- David

You offer umbrellas and rain, even jokingly uttering sad thoughts... John empties angry lotus orbs under sweet juice oak humming nests.
- Kent

Is life in Kentuky exciting, capsules ate kewl envelopes
- Ray

pickle grandma rain yelling monkey September ninja brick pee pee whisper happy.
- Joe

Really answering Nelson's doorknock, you see that interesting neighbor Kent's sexiness.
- Kent

On hibiscus nibs, oranges wallow happily after tipsy housewives applied vivid eggplants in domes over next event
- Me

Y’all obviously underestimate all literary levity. How are varied enigmas written, and you’re totally overlooking obvious mastery? Unlike childish happenstance from really elementary efforts, this iteration marks expertise.
- Tim

Tony is missing wonderfully insane nonsensical stuff!
- David

Time I met your old ugly retarded obnoxious codger kid. Jackson unbelieving sucker thought Whitaker had a tight isolated white anger soon. Tenaciously heightening its noodley kind in near grossness.
- Randy