Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"Change Myself"

When I was first learning about 3D animation, I was using Lightwave on a Video Toaster system at the community college in the town where I grew up. I became a big Lightwave geek, and while I didn't do a lot of stellar stuff myself, I got caught up in all the cool stuff that other people were creating with Lightwave. One such piece was a music video made by Todd Rundgren for his song, "Change Myself." For some funky reason, this thing really inspired me. The song was cool, the animation was cool (or so I thought at the time), and it just all came together really well. I have a very different view of the thing looking at it now, but I openly and freely admit that it still holds a place in the nostalgic corner of my heart.

Anyway, while I was searching online for anything more I could find about the song and video, I discovered that Rhino Entertainment offers a streaming video of "Change Myself" on their site! Sweet!! Now I just gotta find Rundgren's "The Desktop Collection" on DVD and I'll be all set...

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tom barrett said...

Hey Justin!

Well, this is just getting weird again, because
not only do we have the same name, and we love animation, but I have been a major Todd Rundgren fan for years.

Have the video of "Change Myself" from the original "Minds Eys" collection from way back when.
(Are you aware that TR hired the original
guys who wrote Lightwave to work on that video
with him? That was one of the projects that got them rolling as a company).

On an end note, we moved to an area outside Philadelphia called Upper Darby about 10 years ago. Todd Rundgren's parents were my neighbors...they still lived in the same house he grew up in!

(Cue the Twilight Zone music now!)

Tom Barrett