Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A couple bits of inspiration

Been really busy at work lately, but some fun inspiring stuff has come across that I gotta share:

Fancy Footwork
This guy's good! I hope I never get burdened with the task of animating something that complex, but if so, this'll be my first piece of reference material.

Funny Faces
The music isn't my favorite, but some of the faces these guys make are just KILLER! Live squash and stretch at it's best!

And then there's the Halloween costume of one Jason Schleifer. Wow...just....like..........wow! Rock on, Jason!


lydia said...

fancy footwork: that was...awesome! what do you mean you dont wanna animate that. it looks awesome! i think i'm gonna try that...in 2D first. that was just too cool.

Justin Barrett said...

Yeah, I supposed I phrased that wrong. It would be cool to animate, but it would be a huge challenge.