Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Artists and doubt, revisited

Just got word that my buddy Bill Jacoby has started a blog, and his opening entry touches upon a subject that I briefly mentioned a while back: art and fear. Bill is quite the insightful guy, and his comments really hit home as I read them. Definitely keep an eye on this dude!

While I'm at it, it's way past time I updated the blog list on the sidebar. I've found a host of interesting and inspiring blogs since I started this thing earlier this year, and I apologize for not sharing them sooner. More fun stuff to come as I find it!

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bill jacoby said...

I'm flattered! And I'm glad it resonated with you as well. I'm sad to say that my post is a confession born from experience with hesitation. Approaching a project with self-doubt at the start is going to choke and intimidate the sense of play right out of us. That fear has to be converted into a positive energy somehow, or ignored.

My kids have zero fear when they paint, draw, or even assemble lincoln logs. They're not wasting energy or time guessing what my opinion of their work will be. They are not afraid to give form to their ideas with absolute sincerity. They simply dream and believe in their unique vision, and then the magic of creation just flows and flows. What great teachers they are.