Saturday, June 24, 2006

La Linea

La Linea! It's online! I remember watching these cool little animated shorts when I was a kid. A student on posted a link (found on the Drawn blog) to this site that has 50 of the shorts online. Now here's the funny part...I remember watching them on American TV, they're of Italian origin, and now a French site is hosting a bunch of them. Gotta love it!

EDIT: Apologies to Justin Weg for not properly crediting him as the source of the post on AM.


Ryan said...

Weren't those on Sesame Street? I can't remember. I do remember seeing them though as a kid and being amazed by them. So simple, silhouettes are beautiful, and really entertaining, still:) Thanks for the link man.

Justin Weg said...

I was that student who posted it!