Tuesday, September 12, 2006

tweenMachine v2.02

Didn't announce 2.01, so I'll cover that and 2.02 in this little update...

For v2.01, which was posted a couple weeks back, the major update was to make the tweenMachine play well with character sets. Now you can easily key character set data with it, using one of two methods. You can create a custom character set group (using a special menu item) that will key the active character set, or you can import your character sets into the tweenMachine.

2.02 just got posted, and adds the ability for those using Maya 7 and higher to toggle the use of Maya's "special" tick color for keys created using the tweenMachine.

1 comment:

Kris Staber said...


just working on my 308

y know what would be really cool ?
if i could change the display order of the different sets
the manage sets window would seem logical - simple up and down button would be enough

i know i know
thing before you click
but i got my little issues with thinking before doing

also it would be cool if a click on the set would select all the nodes in the set
sort of a quick selection set too
makes sense since you group them quite logically for animation
also thats shurely very simple to implement

awesome script man !