Friday, December 19, 2008

Lights up, claws out!

I was watching a movie recently with some friends. I had really enjoyed the film -- much more than I expected that I would going into it -- and was eager to discuss it with my friends after it was over. The credits rolled, the lights came up, and folks started talking.

Not one single positive comment was made.

To their credit, they weren't being venomous or vicious with their comments, and I agreed with some of what they were saying. Still, I had hoped that someone would mention at least one part that they liked.

Nope. Nothing but criticism.

I swear, it was like someone took a needle and just popped my enthusiasm balloon.


David Bernal said...
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sushipajamas said...

what movie was it? is it still in theatres?

Justin said...

Sorry, but I have no intention of naming the movie. It really doesn't matter what movie it was.