Friday, March 27, 2009

tweenMachine 2.03

tweenMachine 2.03 is published. It fixes a problem that has prevented Maya versions in the 200X series from using the special tick color feature. If you run into any issues, drop a note here (still haven't got the contact page on my site updated yet).


shaun said...

You're a legend Justin.


jeff said...


thanks for this one.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of making those videos to show how to use it effectively for breakdowns.

I can't phatom out how to use the sets and groups option as I couldn't find any info on these features.

Really hope you have the time to elaborate on this a little!

Justin said...

There are instructions that come with the tweenMachine zip package. It's an HTML web page, and it has full details on how all the features work.

As for the long-promised videos, it's anyone's guess when that will happen. I'd still like to make some, similar to how I'd still like to re-code the whole thing in Python and add a bunch of new features. There are a lot of variables at work that affect what I can and cannot do to push the tweenMachine forward. If those variables are re-arranged at a later date and it allows for further work on it, I'll gladly do it. It's just very difficult to say when that day will come.