Thursday, November 17, 2011

Frames Per Beat Calculator

Shahbaaz Shah is awesome.  How awesome?  Well, for one thing, he's working in-house as a contract animator at Reel FX.  For another thing, he just passed along the link to this nifty little tool by Rich Reel that gives you a frame count (and a bunch of other spiffy figures) as you tap out a beat on the keyboard.  If you've got to animate anything that involves rhythm, this could come in pretty handy.

Kudos to Rich for making it, and thanks to Shahbaaz for passing it along!


Psharp said...

Randomly ran into this blog looking up something about Maya tools randomly clicked on this post. LEGIT!

Jett said...

Justin! I'm trying to send you an email... went through your blog and everything! What's your email addy?

Also, glad to see you are doing so well! (and hopefully you remember me!)