Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fun at work: Smarties Ballistics Tests

Steve Kolbe, who is head of layout and asset management for BOZ, has a modified Nerf gun that he constantly likes to "test". It has much greater air pressure than the off-the-shelf model, and an added tube allows it to shoot the smaller Velcro-tipped darts as well as the larger missile-style rockets it was originally designed to launch.

Most of Steve's tests lately have been attempts to shoot the small darts at my desk, which is on the opposite side of the studio from his, but this past Friday, someone brought in a bunch of Smarties rolls, and it was suggested that Steve shoot one of those from his gun. I didn't have my camera ready for the initial test, but it ended about how you'd expect. The Smarties lost big-time.

Steve's next attempt was with two Smarties packs at the same time, and this time I was ready with my camera. The white dot on the target wall is the impact point from the first test.

A final test later in the afternoon involved a repeat of the shotgun test, but shot inside the studio (in the back, where there's large, mostly-empty space). However, I wasn't aware of this test until I heard the gun go off, then the sound of Smarties raining down on filing cabinets, old monitors, etc. Fun stuff. :)


sushipajamas said...

ooooh my this is what you do at work, lol. well i can see that youre really busy. ^^)

RyanWatson said...

So this is why you haven't been talking to me lately. Too busy just blowing up smarties.

... I feel rejected.

MistletoeLady said...

LOL! I remember in Pennsylvania how you would grab one of the kids water guns and join in our water fights! This is much different, though, Smarites raining down upon things! I'd love to be there and see it all. Good luck Justin, our family remembers you well and we are very proud of your accomplishments. You are one of the few who followed through with the plans you had as you graduated from high school! Keep it up!