Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Very First Noel

We just wrapped production on a really sweet project: The Very First Noel. I animated a few shots on the side from my main work, and had a great time. It's definitely going to DVD, but the directors are pushing to get it on TV as well. Anyway, check it out and get ready for the holidays!


Mentalray said...

It's awesome. Great story, great website. Get your DVD today!

TotalD said...

Just saw the final trailer Justin and I love it ! So cute and well done .Congrads on finishing. If you ever see Yarrow give him a manly type hug :)

Bob Souer said...


While reading through the archives of your blog today I ran across this post. Did you, by any chance, ever get to hear the trailer for this animation? If so, did the voiceover sound familiar at all?

I'm just wondering, because I might know who did that voiceover. (Ha!)

Be well,