Monday, June 29, 2009

Two Webosaurs vignettes online!

We've been producing a number of short 15-second vignettes for Webosaurs, and the first couple have been released into the wild!

What I love about these pieces (not just these two, but the whole series) is that the animators at Reel FX were given a huge amount of ownership over their work. The team was given the task of creating mini-stories that could tie in with certain parts of the Webosaurs world. The group split into pairs, and each twosome developed a script, boarded and pitched it, directed the voice talent (Justin Harder and myself), animated the shots, and even offered direction on the background designs. It's been a huge collaborative effort, and the end result in each case is something that's part story, part ad, and all fun.

(Edit: word has it the crew here is going to update the clips so the ends don't get truncated by good ol' YouTube. They're a tad short in their current form.)

(Edit edit: fixed links to embedded videos, fixed size)


Keith Lango said...

Looks like fun! The team approach sounds rewarding, too.

teresa said...

Hey Justin,
These Webosaurs vignettes are great!! Definitely look like they were a lot of fun to work on. I'll have to go try out the game.

GhettoFab said...

I had a blast watchin those and looks like it was the same workin on them

The work you guys do is always top notch!

Keep on keepin on!