Monday, July 13, 2009

Animate a Face SOLD OUT!

The last copy of my Animate a Face CD set has been sold! I won't get a chance to update my site until later tonight, so if you know someone who's about to place an order, please pass along the news.

Even though the first-run CDs are gone, I still have a set for my own use, and am still keeping an eye out for alternate avenues of distribution. One distribution firm I was considering apparently doesn't have a system in place to sell multi-disc products. I haven't looked at the contents in a while, but there may be a way to compress it down to a single disc. Electronic distribution is an option that some have suggested, and I'd like to explore that if possible. Leads to appropriate distribution solutions are most welcome!

I'm very grateful to everyone who has taken a chance with my little tutorial product, and hope that it's been helpful in your animation efforts.


Imagination said...

HI Justin, this may be a good option:

Justin said...

Thanks for the tip, but Lulu is the firm I referred to that doesn't currently have a process in place to sell multi-disc products. I'm keeping an eye out for other options, but it's kind of a back-burner effort right now.

Imagination said...

this may be your solution then

Justin said...

Thanks for the new link! That definitely looks like an option that I'll have to investigate further.

William said... might be another option--I used that for the AM:Technique videos I did a few years ago