Friday, June 17, 2005

I am a chestnut tree!

Several years ago, a friend sent me a sort of "tree zodiac" list, in which the year is broken up into groups of dates, and each date group has a corresponding tree. You find the group that contains your birthdate, and the tree associated with that group supposedly represents specific character qualities and traits that apply to you.

Now normally I'm not the type that puts a lot of trust or belief in these types of things, but I took a look at it anyway. I went down the list to the range where my birthdate fell, and I and found my tree...

A chestnut tree.

Hmmm....chestnut. Okaaayyyyyy....

I looked at personality profile for the chestnut, and was kind of surprised to find that many of the attributes did fit quite well with me. One particular attribute, though, left my friend and I a tad confused: vivacious. We both had a rough idea what it meant, but we were curious to know the specifics.

That night when I got home, I dug out my handy-dandy dictionary and looked it up. When I read the first word in the definition, I laughed my head off. I called the friend who had sent me the list.

"You'll never guess what the first word is in the definition of 'vivacious'," I said.

"What? What is it?"


There couldn't be a better match.

I am a chestnut tree!

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RyanWatson said...

I looked up mine. I'm a Hawthorne. If it isn't an exact explanation of me, I don't know what is. CREEPY and cool. :)