Saturday, June 04, 2005

Why this blog?

Truth be told, I'm still trying to figure that out. I think I'm getting warmer, though...

I've been looking for a slightly easier way to share the odd thought about animation, art, music, or whatever related stuff comes to mind. Rather than mess with manually posting new pages to my site and trying to organize them all in some fashion, I thought it would be easier to collect everything in a blog.

Before things get too far, I should probably offer some sort of disclaimer. I don't claim to know everything there is about animation, art, music, etc. I've still got a lifetime of learning ahead of me in all those subjects. From time to time, though, something will pop up that I feel would be useful to share with others. It could be an original thought, a discussion I've had that has helped to clarify a principle for me, or perhaps something I run across that's really inspiring. On the latter note, I should point out that I don't want this blog to become a copycat of other blogs. While I'll occasionally post something that someone else has also posted, I'm doing it because the subject matter truly inspires me, and I'm eager to share the inspiration.

At the same time, not all of life is inspiring. There have been days when the krunk and depression have been so thick on my heart that I've felt like throwing in the towel on animation and driving commuter trains for a living instead. I'm sure many out there have been in similar situations. When those days come up, I hope this will be a place you (and I) can visit that will help to revive the drive, boost the creative juices, and provide encouragement to press forward.

Thanks for stopping by!

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