Thursday, July 07, 2005

Beauty in fireworks

I went to the fireworks show at High Point Park in Plano, TX, on the evening of July 4th. It was my first time taking photographs of fireworks, so in addition to my new tripod, I brought along a bunch of notes I'd found online regarding various camera settings. After taking 120+ shots -- over 80 of which were of the fireworks display -- I packed up and headed for home, excited to see how everything turned out. Not only did the shots turn out well, but one of them greatly surprised me...

Of all that footage, this is my absolute, hands-down favorite: the one that doesn't make me think of fireworks at all.

I didn't even notice the result after I took the shot, as I was concentrating on just shooting as much as I could (had to fiddle with my cam's menu for every shot...long story). When I got home and reviewed the results with my wife, we were stunned when we saw this. There are a few other shots from the evening that also remind us of flowers, but none as elaborate, or as clear, or as beautiful as this.


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Charlie said...

that is an excellent photograph which if the subject of fireworks had not been mentioned would not have been obvious as being the subject.