Monday, July 04, 2005

Photo Friday: Used

"What? Photo Friday? What happened to Illustration Friday? You've missed a couple Illustration Friday topics, and now you're switching gears to photos? What's wrong with you!?"

- The Voice Inside My Head

Short answer: I'm an artist. I'm being "organic." Leave me alone.


Okay, so late last week I bought my first digital camera (FujuFilm FinePix S5100...4 megapixels...lots of manual controls...beautiful!), and now I'm all shutterbuggy and stuff. My wife thinks that it's just the "new toy syndrome" that's doing this to me, and in a way she's right. Then again, I've had this secret, buried hankering for more creative photography for many a year now. Now that I have a with which to satisfy said hankering, I'm simply trying to make up for lost time. Is that so wrong?

At any rate, I'll probably go back and forth between Illustration Friday and Photo Friday as my mood drives me. As much as I love images in motion, I also appreciate the carefully crafted drawing or photo, and feel that experiments with both art forms are valuable ways to stretch my creativity. And besides, they're downright fun!

Wait a minute...I just admitted that drawing is fun (not just fun, but fun!). Better not let TVIMH catch that. He and I have had some downright nasty arguments on the subject...

Oh, and about the photo. My wife has a bunch of old SCA armor bits that she wants to unload, so I laid them all out on the living room floor to take a shot or two for use on eBay. Some of the smaller pieces were collected in an old, metal First Aid box, which instantly lept to mind as an appropriate subject for this week's PF topic. I took about a eight or ten shots from various angles (all macro), and finally cropped out this piece from one of the better images.

Digital cameras. Joy and gladness.

* deep sigh, goofy smile *

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Anonymous said...

Camera poem

Pick me up and use me
Take pictures of you
Pull me a face
And make me laugh
And don't forget to use the flash

welcome to the digital camera community justin! :)