Saturday, July 30, 2005


Well, it is finally happening: I'm packing up and prepping for my first SIGGRAPH experience! Woohoo! :)

For a large portion of my time there, I'll be assisting with recruiting efforts at the Reel FX motorhome. We have a lot of fun stuff on the horizon, and we're looking to find some killer talent to add to the ranks. If you're interested in joining the crew, or just want to kick back a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday for Happy Hour between 4 and 7pm, stop by the "moho" and say hello!

On Wednesday, I'll be acting as MC for the CGCHAR @ SIGGRAPH "birds of a feather" event. There's a great schedule of speakers lined up, and serving as the announcer for such a mass of talent will probably prove to be both fun and terrifying all at the same time. Overall, though, I'm really looking forward to it!

Around that, I'll be wandering the show floor and going to different events as time permits. You know...typical conference stuff. I just hope my feet can handle it all. Gotta make sure I pack the gel inserts...

All right, gotta get rolling and finish packing. California, here I come!


jason said...

nice job, justin! you handled us right nice :)

RyanWatson said...

Breakfast and Lunch were great man. Thanks for doing that and chilling with me. I'll hit you up online another time. It was awesome hanging out.